Red Loop Trail

Red Loop Trail

1.8 Miles Easy

Deer Lakes Park
Tarentum, Pennsylvania

The Red Loop Trail in Deer Lakes Park, Tarentum, PA, is an easy 1.8 mile hike through the woods.

During the summer, the 2nd half of the trail (from the north side to east side) has a lot more brush and thorns. West and south sides of the loop are more open.

When following this trail, do not get confused by the farmer's trail that leads from Deer Lakes Park into the field. If you've hiked into the farmer's field, turn back and look for the trail immediately on the edge of the field where the field meets the park's woods.


Dogs (leashed)



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40.627274, -79.817734
N 40º 37' 38.184" , W 79º 49' 3.84"
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1.8 miles
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