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Album Added: May 02, 2018

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Trailhead gate
Crystal%20cave%2ffb153b0d 48c1 4683 8b5f c31f2fb3c97a 20180503012301utc small
Crystal%20cave%2f1960c4f3 ab19 4287 97d8 3138fd78db1d 20180503012302utc small
Crystal%20cave%2fab05c145 7111 409d 8e70 e678a1f7f9e7 20180503012304utc small
Crystal%20cave%2f6730d910 8410 4e6b 9682 a83feda01cfb 20180503012305utc small
Floyd Collins home
Crystal%20cave%2f16815dad 593f 40d0 8ea9 e6df5ed4c33e 20180503012306utc small
Floyd Collins home
Crystal%20cave%2fef3050d1 70d5 49ac a802 cc3a48978b8d 20180503012308utc small
Crystal%20cave%2ff9305d20 9854 4615 a71b e4a99579abe0 20180503012309utc small
Trail leads down to the cave
Crystal%20cave%2fe6389ff5 e777 42f7 8be4 7939b59b4044 20180503012310utc small
Crystal%20cave%2f314b5dd6 43b6 4c6b a079 eae5cdc68f40 20180503012311utc small
Entrance to Crystal Cave
Crystal%20cave%2fb45ff578 00db 4251 83f1 48041df2edb8 20180503012312utc small
Entrance to Crystal Cave
Crystal%20cave%2f07ca8a2c 1d97 4581 a120 314206f1b707 20180503012314utc small
Crystal%20cave%2f9b7a2786 f303 4cdf aada 7d84a4047f6f 20180503012315utc small
Crystal%20cave%2f653bda4e 3724 4a62 9a5e d1e58812b8cd 20180503012317utc small

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