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Album Added: May 01, 2018

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View of a campsite along the cliff south of the trail
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Chimney%20top%20rock%2f8c92bc51 6b49 44ca 933c ff08b514b74d 20180501235418utc small
View of the Red River facing west
Chimney%20top%20rock%2fe4d291b8 e3c0 46e9 9251 1b53443b49a1 20180501235420utc small
View looking north/northeast
Chimney%20top%20rock%2f4039329c a685 41f5 8e85 9f582043effb 20180501235421utc small
View of Hanson's Point
Chimney%20top%20rock%2f6800e1fa f924 4338 8c9f 58626b4a0262 20180501235422utc small
View of Hanson's Point
Chimney%20top%20rock%2f586b4d37 216f 4086 adc8 c367efd2ff68 20180501235424utc small

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