Burns Farm Trails North - Photos

Album Added: July 23, 2022

Walking through the hay field
Sign near Trail entrance
Parking area on Burns Road
Exit the parking area to accessNorth side trails
Long distance view of North side trails
Use caution when crossing Mason Road to access trails
Gated access to trails on North side of Mason Road
Walk past chain gate and down the embankment to kiosk
Cattails flank the entrance to the trails
Beyond the paved bridge the Kiosk hides in the shade of the forest
Possibly a section of Great Brook the paved bridge crosses
The water level is low in the brook
Wildflowers bloom along the edges of the entrance
Blueberry bush offering a trailside nibble
A snack from Mother Natures pantry
Kiosk near trail head
A story walk will help keep children entertained as they hike
Maps are available to take along with you
Trail substrate
Story book for kids along the trail
Trail Sign and marker
Trail substrate
Trail substrate
Trail Sign and marker
Sturdy wooden bridge
Birch Brook and it's low water level
Trail sign on Eagle Trail
We encountered Bikers although the trails are supposed to be closed to bikers
Trail substrate
The trail passes through a very large hay field, luckily it had been mowed
Trail Sign and marker
A parting shot of wildflowers as we exit the trails
Explore the Trail:
2.8 Miles
Milford, New Hampshire
Beaver Brook Association - Burns Farm