Buena Vista Park Summit Trail

0.9 Miles Hard

Buena Vista Park
San Francisco, California


The Summit Trail at Buena Vista Park in San Francisco, California is a moderate to difficult 0.9 mile out-and-back hike up to the top of the park's summit. The trail is fairly steep all the way to the top, but the main trail is also paved.

This recording starts at staircase next to the intersection of Haight and Baker St and follows the widest paved trail, staying left at most trail junctions to reach the summit. There are various ways you can reach the top and descent from it, but this track is more of an out-and-back hike that ends along Haight St and Buena Vista Ave West.

For a slightly easier hike up to the summit, you can hop on a trail near the intersection of Buena Vista Ave East and Upper Terrace Rd since the elevation at that trailhead is closer to the summit, but there's still some hill to climb.

Lookout Points: The easiest lookout point can be found at the top of the park. Just northeast of the summit, if you head back down the staircase, is a dirt trail that leads downhill, but gives more views of the surrounding area. The dirt trail eventually leads back to the main paved trail.

Staircases: there are various staircases along this trail to the top of the park. There is a wheelchair accessible way to get to the top, but this recording is not that way - both trailheads (beginning and end of this recording) have stairs and lead to more stairs.

Dogs are allowed, but biking is not.

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Buena Vista Park Summit Trail
0.9 Miles

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