Bent Run Waterfall Trail

Bent Run Waterfall Trail

0.2 Miles Moderate

Allegheny National Forest
Warren, Pennsylvania


The Bent Run Waterfall Trail at Allegheny National Forest in Warren, Pennsylvania is a moderate 0.2 mile out-and-back trail that leads uphill along Bent Run and passes several cascades of Bent Run Falls. This trail is one of the more popular day hike trails in the national forest since it's a quick hit and you get to see at least 3 waterfalls.

The trail itself kind of disappears and splits into various directions as it leads around large boulders and out to different waterfalls along the creek.

To see an even better view of the falls, which is not shown in this GPS data, you can find a very steep and uneven trail that leads downhill from the parking lot to the base of Bent Run Falls.


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41.835424, -78.996697
N 41º 50' 7.524" , W 78º 59' 48.108"
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68 '
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