Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2907 20190610162915utc small
Entrance Sign to Miller State Park from Route 101
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2902 20190610163013utc small
Parking area, proceed to Ranger station
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2903 20190610163017utc small
Ample Parking at the base of the mountain
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2904 20190610163022utc small
Picnic benches at the base parking area
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2905 20190610163026utc small
Nice clean grills available for use
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2908 20190610163055utc small
Ranger Station pay area
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2913 20190610163200utc small
Restroom at the trailhead parking area
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2914 20190610163204utc small
Auto Road entrance and exit
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2915 20190610163207utc small
Self pay station when Ranger Station is unstaffed
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2916 20190610163211utc small
Information Kiosk
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2917 20190610163215utc small
Fee schedule
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2923 20190610163305utc small
Trail map
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2924 20190610163309utc small
View highlights of Pack Monadnock
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2925 20190610163313utc small
Well marked trails
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2933 20190610163454utc small
Trail substrate at the beginning of the trail
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2934 20190610163458utc small
Trail substrate become increasingly more rocky and steep
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2935 20190610163503utc small
Auto Road cross walk: Watch for cars both ways
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2936 20190610163507utc small
Auto Road
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2939 20190610163555utc small
Trail substrate, very rocky
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2940 20190610163559utc small
Steep rocky scramble
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2941 20190610163603utc small
Mount Monadnock in the distance
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2946 20190610163719utc small
Trail substrate can be rocky and rooted
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2947 20190610163723utc small
Well marked trails
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2948 20190610163727utc small
Trail blaze markers can be on rocks or trees
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2949 20190610163731utc small
Two trails merge here, The Wapack trail and the Red Dot Trail
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2952 20190610163908utc small
Parking area at the summit
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2953 20190610163912utc small
Trail sign
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2954 20190610163917utc small
Great place to watch for raptors
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2955 20190610163921utc small
The fire tower you can climb for great views
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2956 20190610163925utc small
Picnic bench at the summit has shade and weather protection
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2957 20190610163929utc small
Beautiful Vistas
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2959 20190610163937utc small
On a clear day the views to the South are amazing
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2963%20(2) 20190610164043utc small
Park store at the summit
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2964%20(2) 20190610164119utc small
Potable water available for hiker and their dogs
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2982 20190610164204utc small
View of the summit parking area and restrooms from the Fire tower
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2983 20190610164305utc small
Beautiful Vistas
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2984 20190610164309utc small
View of store at the summit from the Fire tower
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2985 20190610164313utc small
Mount Monadnock in the distance
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2986 20190610164317utc small
Beautiful Vistas
Wapack%20trail%2fimg 2987 20190610164356utc small
Great place to watch for raptors

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