Two Places Trail - Photos

Album Added: July 17, 2021

Water Lily and Pickerel Weed blooming in the Great Meadow
Entrance to Parking area and Hiking Trails
Parking area
One of the many educational tree plaques
Parking area and trail head
Example of trail blaze
Entrance to Trail
Make sure to pick up a Nature Guide in the black mailbox
Narrow tree and orange blaze marker
The first of 19 points of interest along the trail
Stop and read along the trail.... this tree has been growing here since before the Pilgrims arrived
Vegetation can be dense along the trail
Beautiful view from the trail
Back into the woods across from the open field
The trail is narrow through the woods
Benches at the edge of the Great Meadow
Beaver hut in the distance
Trail substrate along the trail
View of the Great Meadow from the trail
Checking out a Porcupine home just off the side of the trail
Tree debris along the trail
Rocky outcroppings along the trail
Trail junction and last point of interest
Dense vegetation along the trail
Trail finished up the small hill to the parking area
Explore the Trail:
1.0 Mile
New Boston, New Hampshire