Sandstone Canyon Loop Trail - Photos

Album Added: May 28, 2019

Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2432 20190528211357utc small
Sign pointing the way to trailhead
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2436 20190528211416utc small
Lake Harriet is all dried up
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2437 20190528211420utc small
Trail substrate
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2438 20190528211424utc small
Beautiful Vistas
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2439 20190528211429utc small
There's a stream down there
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2440 20190528211433utc small
Careful for cactus spines
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2441 20190528211701utc small
Lush vegitation near the stream bed
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2442 20190528211705utc small
Water in the desert makes all the difference to the plant life around it
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2443 20190528211710utc small
Sandstone Wash Creek crossing
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2444 20190528211715utc small
Slippery when wet
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2446 20190528211725utc small
Wide well maintained pathway
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2447 20190528211730utc small
Beautiful Vistas
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2449 20190528211738utc small
Trail substrate
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2450 20190528211742utc small
Beautiful Vistas
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2451 20190528211926utc small
Trail substrate
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2452 20190528211932utc small
Stay on the trail
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2453 20190528211939utc small
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2454 20190528211943utc small
Wide well maintained pathway
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2456 20190528211952utc small
Interesting Geography
Sandstone%20canyon%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2457 20190528211956utc small
Beautiful Vistas

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