Overlook Trail at Red Rock Canyon - Photos

0.4 Miles Easy
Las Vegas, Nevada
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

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Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2489 20190604182443utc small
Plenty of parking for your vehicle or bicycle
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2490 20190604182447utc small
Helicopter Landing pad
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2491 20190604182451utc small
Wide well maintained pathway
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2492 20190604182456utc small
Trail sign
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2493 20190604182545utc small
Wheelchair accessible
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2494 20190604182549utc small
Slight incline
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2495 20190604182553utc small
Plenty of benches to sit and relax
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2501 20190604182717utc small
Memorial plaque at trails end
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2502 20190604182721utc small
Beautiful Vistas
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2503 20190604182726utc small
Stunning views
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2504 20190604182730utc small
Plenty of parking
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2505 20190604182734utc small
Lots of places to enjoy a picnic
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2506 20190604182738utc small
History lessons await hikers
Overlook%20trail%20at%20red%20rock%20canyon%2fimg 2507 20190604182743utc small
Restrooms and covered picnic tables

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