Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2380 20190528202202utc small
Trail entrance
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2381 20190528202206utc small
Trail substrate
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2387 20190528202245utc small
Beautiful Vistas
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2391 20190528202337utc small
Trail substrate
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2413 20190528202508utc small
No Blaze markers here, but the way is clear to see
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2414 20190528202512utc small
Trail sign
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2415 20190528202516utc small
Beautiful Vistas
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2416 20190528202521utc small
Beautiful Vistas
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2418 20190528202530utc small
Trail substrate
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2421 20190528202939utc small
Cemetery marker
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2423 20190528202947utc small
Wilson Cemetery
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2424 20190528202951utc small
Wide well maintained pathway
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2425 20190528202955utc small
The desert is blooming!
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2426 20190528202959utc small
So many blooms after the rains
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2427 20190528203004utc small
Dried up water bed
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2428 20190528203008utc small
Well maintained bridge
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2429 20190528203012utc small
Marsh area
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2430 20190528203016utc small
Wooden stairs down the trail
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2431 20190528203020utc small
Another trail access point
Overlook%20loop%20trail%2fimg 2401 20190528204231utc small
Wild burros that frequent the area

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