Edward MacDowell Lake Nature Trail - Photos

Album Added: May 01, 2020

View of the lake from the Dam road
Parking area past Park office buildings.
Kiosk with information on trails and rules
Park office
Covid-19 Notice at Park Office
They make it easy to pick up after your pet
Be on your best behavior, you are being watched
Additional Parking area over the Dam past the Gatehouse
Trailhead marker
Information Kiosk at the trailhead past the Park Office
Muddy Trail substrate and trail blaze marker
Educational posts along the trail
View of the lake
Wide well maintained pathway
Sand Pit Trail is to the right of the Nature Trail across from the swimming area with a bench
Painted Turtles
Trail passes the Boat ramp
Wide well maintained pathway
Trail along residential road
Marker on Tree through residential area
Trail will continue on roads with traffic
View of Nubanusit Brook from overpass on paved part of trail
Trail along road over brook toward small Trail Kiosk
Trail exits the paved road at Kiosk and heads along the stream back to the woods
Trail marker on tree
Beautiful brook along the trail
Looking back toward where the trail crossed over the overpass
Beautiful brook along the trail
Wooden bridge to assist crossing
Small but beautiful waterfalls created by recent spring showers
Large tranquil pool
Two sections of the brook converge. A big sturdy wooden bridge provide safe passage
Wooden bridge to assist crossing
Brush Brook
Beautiful brook along the trail
Beautiful brook along the trail
The trail veers away from the brook and back into a more wooded setting
Trail substrate
Views through the trees of marsh area
Views through the trees
Wooden bridge to assist crossing
Dogs allowed on a leash
Trail along hillside
Trail exits the forest at parking area nearest the Gatehouse
Picnic tables and grills available
Gatehouse building and Dam
Public Restrooms closed during Covid-19 Crisis
Explore the Trail:
4.8 Miles
Peterborough, New Hampshire
Edward MacDowell Lake