Mastic Trail - Photos

Album Added: September 30, 2019

Excellent Birding opportunities along the trail
North Side Mastic Trailhead
Limited parking near trailhead
Trail sign on post
Mastic Trail sign and information
Beginning of trail
Trail substrate
Rudimentary trail marker
Trail substrate
Unusual fungi
Northern Flicker
Gumbo Limbo tree also known as "peeling tourist" tree
Tropical vegetation along trail
Rugged teratin alongside trail
Jagged limestone substrate
Information posted on tree
Tropical vegetation along trail
Information posted on tree
Dense tree canopy above trail
Minimal elevation along trail
One of many numbered points of interest, sadly with no explanations
Point of interest marker on tree
Limestone along trail
Psuedosphinx Tetrio aka FRANGIPANI HORNWORM
Unusual fungi
The Mastic Trail is host to many native and migrating birds
Termite nest in tree
Land crab blends into leaf litter
Look closely to see a Cayman Racer Snake
Cayman Racer Snake
Bromeliad growing alongside the trail
Wild Banana Orchid
Massive tropical fern growing just off the trail
Huge Palm
Calabash Tree on Mastic Tree
Calabash Gourds
Trail substrate
Foliage of a Tamarind tree
One of two boardwalks on the Mastic Trail
An abundance of birds can be found near the boardwalk
Loggerhead Kingbird
Appreciation Plaque along trail
Appreciation Plaque along trail
Boardwalk through Mangrove swamp
Crushed stone on trail to help with footing and drainage
Trail gate
Trail exits forest into grove of young tropical trees
Composting toilet near the Southside Trailhead
Lonely Picnic table near Southside Trailhead
Gate Ladder to enter or exit on Southside Trailhead
Southside Trailhead gate is locked, but ladder allows hiker access
Trail marker
Notice of ongoing improvments to the Mastic trail and Hiker access ladder
Southside Trailhead Kiosk has plenty of information
Plenty of parking at Southside Trailhead
Explore the Trail:
4.7 Miles
Old Man Bay, Grand Cayman, Anywhere