Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1978 20190605143855utc small
Trail sign
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1979 20190605143900utc small
Trail substrate
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1980 20190605143905utc small
Trail sign in need of maintainence
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1981 20190605143909utc small
Rocky dry riverbed section
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1982 20190605143913utc small
Boardwalk section with wild grapevines
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1983 20190605143918utc small
Numbered marker... pick up a brochure at the Visitor center
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1984 20190605144553utc small
Lost Creek, an oasis in the desert
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1985 20190605144557utc small
Wild grapes
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1986 20190605144601utc small
Lost Creek's seasonal waterfall
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1987 20190605144605utc small
Pool created from the waterfall
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1988 20190605144609utc small
Take a close look, you might see tadpoles
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1989 20190605144906utc small
Lush greenery in the Lost Creek Canyon
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1990 20190605144910utc small
Rock outcropping
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1991 20190605144915utc small
Rocky scramble along the trail
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1992 20190605144919utc small
Unusual rock formations, is this a smiling camel?
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1993 20190605144924utc small
Restroom and trash bin at the trailhead parking area
Lost%20creek%20trail%2fimg 1994 20190605144928utc small
Plenty of parking

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