Jaquith Rail to Eastview with North Pond and Jaquith Rd - Photos

Album Added: June 11, 2021

Views from Jaquith Road
The Entrance to the Jaquith Rail Trail is beside this small metal marker and is hard to see
Jaquith Rail Trail Parking area
Information Kiosk at Jaquith Rail Trail
Jaquith Rail Trail substrate
Trail substrate
Old wooden rail ties protrude from the trail substrate
Large Glacial Erratic off to the side of the rail trail
Mile marker and bridge entrance
View of the Jaquith Brook from the bridge
Old rail road nail and granite bridge abutments
Off the side of the bridge is an unmarked bath to the brook below
New opened in 2018 a view showing the newly constructed bridge using old granite abutments
Looking upstream of Jaquith Brook
This spot marks the end of the Jaquith Rail Trail and the start of the Eastview Trail
Eastview Trail picks up where the Jaquith Rail trail ends
Trail Marker and map holder
Eastview Trail passes by a beaver pond with walls near the trail
A bench to sit and relax and enjoy nature
The view from the bench
Glimpses of Nubanusit Brook from the Eastview Trail
This bridge was installed near the parking area on the West side of the Eastview Trail
Nubanusit Brook and abutment relics from the bridge
Parking are for Eastview Trail from the Hancock Road side
Road marker alerts hikers to the parking area off of Hancock Road
Pick up a map to bring with you as you hike
Trail sign and blaze for the North Pond Trail
Trail blazes and substrate of North Pond Trail
Glimpses of the pond through the forest
Interesting Glacial erratics along the trail
North Pond
Hiking past Old Stone Walls
Trail substrate
A turn in the trail is marked by a sign
The end of North Pond trail marked by wooden signs
Exit the forest trail past the gate
The trail is no longer blazed and resembles a class VI road
Parking area for Hikers
Plenty of parking at this Harris Center Parking area albeit a bit over grown
Views from Jaquith Road
Views from Jaquith Road
Views from Jaquith Road
Massive boulder field along Jaquith Road
Explore the Trail:
6.5 Miles
Hancock, New Hampshire
Harris Center for Conservation Education