Hedgehog Ridge Trail - Photos

Album Added: June 24, 2019

Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3233 20190624144702utc small
Trailhead Sign
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3234 20190624144706utc small
Limited street side parking at the trailhead
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3235 20190624144710utc small
Gate at trail. Do not block
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3236 20190624144714utc small
Trail sign
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3237 20190624144718utc small
Trail sign
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3238 20190624144723utc small
Wide well maintained pathway
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3239 20190624145452utc small
Beautiful Vista
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3240 20190624145456utc small
Milkweed flowers ready to bloom
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3243 20190624145505utc small
Hillside view
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3244 20190624145510utc small
Wide well maintained pathway
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3245 20190624145514utc small
Wilson Hilltop plateau
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3246 20190624145638utc small
Mount Monadnock
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3248 20190624145645utc small
Trail marker on tree
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3249 20190624145650utc small
Granite bench for taking in the views
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3250 20190624145654utc small
Beautiful Vista
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3261 20190624145821utc small
Trail sign
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3262 20190624145825utc small
Start of the trail
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3263 20190624145830utc small
Wild Strawberries
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3264 20190624145834utc small
Thick vegetation on trail
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3265 20190624150009utc small
Narrow trail
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3267 20190624150018utc small
Trail marker on tree
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3268 20190624150022utc small
Old rock walls along trail
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3269 20190624150026utc small
Trail marker on tree
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3270 20190624150031utc small
Trail marker on tree
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3271 20190624150324utc small
Watch your step crossing streams
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3272 20190624150328utc small
Point of interest
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3274 20190624150336utc small
Marks from quarry tools on stone left behind
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3275 20190624150340utc small
Old quarry stones
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3277 20190624150555utc small
Wooded trail
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3278 20190624150559utc small
Conservation marker
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3279 20190624150603utc small
Hemlock forest
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3280 20190624150608utc small
Large downed tree blocks the trail
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3281 20190624150612utc small
Wooded trail opens out to sun
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3282 20190624150616utc small
Trail marker on tree
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3283 20190624152259utc small
Beautiful Vista
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3285 20190624152303utc small
Edge of trail not too far from dramatic drop off
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3287 20190624152313utc small
Narrow trail
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3289 20190624152322utc small
Blueberry bushes
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3297 20190624152841utc small
View of the Contoocook River Valley
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3298 20190624152846utc small
Start of Hedgehog Ridge Trail
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3299 20190624152850utc small
Trail marker on tree
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3301 20190624152858utc small
Beautiful Vista
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3305 20190624153620utc small
Hedgehog Mountain summit lookout
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3310 20190624153906utc small
Summit area
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3311 20190624153910utc small
Small wooden bridge over stream
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3312 20190624153914utc small
The start of the Hedgehog Mountain trail
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3313 20190624153918utc small
Small blue trail arrows point the way to the trail
Hedgehog%20ridge%20trail%2fimg 3314 20190624153922utc small
Hedgehog Mountain Forest Parking area

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