Harriskat Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Trails - Photos

Album Added: June 06, 2019

View from the Summit of Skatutakee Mountain
Entrance to the Harris Center
Harris Center sign
One of two large parking areas
Handicap parking
Second large parking area on opposite side of the Center
Information Placard at Pollinator garden
Pollinator garden with Harris Center in background
Trailhead Kiosk
Posted trail map
Maps are always available insde the Center
Dogs are welcome
Entrance to the Harris Center
Inside the Harris Center vestibule maps and information available
Restrooms inside the Harris Center
Donation Log inside the Harris Center
No smoking on the property
Trail Marker on tree
Harriskat trail entrance
Trail down to the road
Harriskat trail continues across the road. Cross with caution
Trail Blaze marker on tree
Small stream to cross over
Uneven substrate
Tree debris along trail
Rocky substrate
Large rock outcropping
Small pond off through the woods
Watch your footing for trip hazards
Trail marker changes to yellow rectangles on the Thumbs Down Trail
The trail begins it's ascent
Crossing through an old stone wall
Steep rock scramble
Loads of blueberry bushes
Trail markers on a tree at the Summit of Skatutakee Mountain
Is this a cairn marking the Summit? or is it more?
The Skatutakee Mountain Summit "Throne"
"King" of the summit on his throne
"Queen" of the summit on her throne
View from Skatutakee Mountain
View from Skatutakee Mountain summit
Thumbs Up Trail heads off that way
Trail heads off to Thumbs Up trail
At the junction of three trails, Thumbs Up heads off this way
Thumbs Up Trail has white triangle blaze markers
Thumbs Up Trail starts of in a Pine forest
Trail marker on tree
Thumbs Up Trail marker
Steep sections with trip hazards
Found an artists conch to leave a note on
Downed trees along the trail
Junction of Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Trails, the summit is behind you as you read the sign
Rocky steep ascent to the summit trail
Down below, you can just make out the trail junction sign
Uprooted tree took large boulders with its roots
The cairn and sitting area at summit of Thumb Mountain
Summit marker on tree
View of Mount Monadnock from Thumb Mountain summit
Have a seat at the summit and enjoy the view and a snack
Trail blaze marker for the Thumbs Down Trail is a yellow rectangle
Trail through the forest
Trail crosses through an old stone wall
Bunchberry in bloom
View of Jack's Pond
Jack's Pond
Wooden bench near Jack's Pond
Lady Slippers in bloom
Bailey Brook
Spring season brings tiny waterfall to Bailey Brook
The trail has a small stream to cross over
Wide road-like trail section
Private Property sign...stay on marked trails
Take care crossing the streams, rocks can be slippery
Back to Harriskat Trail and white rectangle trail blaze markers
Explore the Trail:
4.7 Miles
Hancock, New Hampshire
Harris Center for Conservation Education