Win Free Hiking Gear

What Do I Win?

Each drawing is different, but the total prize cost is about $50. The prizes for the current drawing are:

How Can I Participate?

It's easy! You'll be automatically entered to win for each new trail you add to MyHikes within the drawing time period.

* New Trail: any public trail greater than or equal to 0.1-miles long and not already searchable on the site.

Drawing Time Period

To participate in the current drawing, please submit your trails between January 11th, 2020 and March 1st, 2020.


  1. The trail(s) you add must be new to MyHikes - not already searchable on the site.
  2. You must include at least one picture.
  3. You must include some trail notes and details about what hikers should expect on the trail.
  4. You must upload a GPX track from your hike.

Note: If you your trail uploads do not meet this criteria, you will not be entered into the drawing.

How Does It Work?

For every new trail you add, you will be entered to win for the current drawing.

  • You upload Trail XYZ from your local park and you include a picture, trail notes, and a GPX track - you are automatically entered once.
  • You come back and add 3 more new trails - you are automatically entered 3 more times into the drawing.
  • 5 other contributors add 1 trail each - now, there are 5 individual entries, plus your 4 individual entries in the drawing.
  • The drawing takes place - you have a 44.44% chance of winning the drawing since 4/9 = 44.44%.
  • YOU WIN due to better chances. We then contact you for an address to send your prizes to.

Drawing Info

  1. If you win and do not respond within 7 days, we will do a re-draw to find a new winner.
  2. If you win and do not want the gear, we will do a re-drawing to find a new winner.
  3. You may enter to win for each drawing even if you have won a previous drawing.
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